Chest Freezers Vs Upright Freezers

chest freezerUndoubtedly freezers are one of the most important gadgets in a household. In these busy times, one does not have the time to go out and shop every day. It helps to buy stuff in large quantities and store them with the assurance that they will be fresh enough to use them when you have to.

There are different kinds of freezers available in the appliance stores. Depending on your need, you can either buy one that stores a big quantity of stuff or one that is commonly referred to as a chest freezer, or you could opt for an upright freezer. While both of them work well, they both come with different characteristics. What you need would depend on requirements and of course the space available.

Chest Freezers

Chest freezers are great for storing a large volume of food items due to the vastness of the space. Appliance experts feel that they are more energy efficient as well as cost a tad bit less than the upright ones. The other great advantage with chest freezers is that they are good at maintaining temperatures at the requisite level. However, chest freezers also post a disadvantage. They are typically big boxes and therefore occupy a bigger space. You need to have that kind of space to have a chest freezer. Also it is often difficult to find things in a jungle of frozen items, unless you are organized enough to keep them segmented.

Upright Freezers

In comparison upright freezers are a popular choice amongst most people. The biggest advantages are that they occupy lesser space and are a well accepted choice among households. Typically they provide good enough storage space yet occupy less floor space. Upright freezers are available in capacities from 10 to 20 cubic feet. Depending on the size of the stored items, upright freezers can hold about 30-40 pounds per cubic feet. The way they are structured, it helps to organize items inside them. The racks can be used for storing different items. Also since it is a standing upright appliance, reaching into it to get items out is relatively easier. Like a chest freezer, an upright freezer also helps save energy if kept in shade and away from sunlight or warm places.

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