Benefits Of A Steam Dryer

steamdryerHave you ever wished you could freshen up garments without running a full wash-and-dry laundry cycle?  Have you ever left clothes in the dryer over night, only to find them wrinkly and unwearable when you remember them in the morning?  It sounds like you could benefit from a steam dryer.

Like traditional clothes dryers, steam dryers are used after clothing, linens, and towels have been run through a washing machine.  Some commercial steam dryer models use super heated steam, which doesn’t contain any liquid water at all, to raise the temperature and evaporate water from wet clothes.  Home steam dryers usually dry clothes the traditional way—by using heat to evaporate water—but have the added feature of steam cycles.

A garment that smells like it has been worn but is not visibly dirty can be refreshed by a quick run through a steam dryer.  The hot water vapor helps sterilize and remove odors, making your gently worn clothing ready for wear again in about twenty minutes.  This is a huge time and energy saver, when you consider that a full load of laundry can take over an hour to complete, using valuable water and electricity in the process.

Another great benefit of a steam dryer is wrinkle reduction.  Steam relaxes the wrinkles out of fabrics.  The steam at the end of a drying cycle will help prevent wrinkles from setting in a newly washed load of laundry, and a quick steam cycle will remove already set wrinkles from clothing that has been sitting for a while.  Want to wear a shirt that has a few wrinkles in it?  There’s no need to plug in an iron.  Just run it through your steam dryer for a few minutes and it will be ready to go.

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